Easy CAF Converter for Logic Pro (Apple Loops Converter)

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The easiest, convenient, and fastest Apple Loops converter on the App Store. 

The Easy CAF Converter for Logic Pro automatically converts Apple Loops installed with Logic Pro 9 and X to uncompressed audio formats (aiff and wave). 

With the Easy CAF Converter for Logic Pro, musicians using other major DAWs (e.g., Cubase, ProTools, Ableton Live, and Studio One, etc.) can now easily use the rich set of apple loops of Logic Pro in their music productions. 

It Just Works. Like a Magic.


Apple's Logic Pro provides a rich set of high quality Apple Loops.

Unfortunately, these apple loops are in the CAF audio format which are not generally supported in most major DAWs (e.g., Cubase, Protools, Ableton Live, Studio One, etc.)

Then, how can I use them in my DAW?



With Easy CAF Converter for Logic Pro, you don't have to worry about it.

Just run the Easy CAF Converter for Logic Pro.

It automatically searches pre-installed apple loops on your Mac.

All you have to do is to choose [File Type] and [Bit Depth].

Then, just press the [Convert] button, and wait until all apple loop files are converted.

That's all!





- Supported file format: aiff and wav

- Bit depth: 16, 24, and 32 bit




1. How much disk space is required to convert all Apple Loops?

For apple loops installed with both Logic Pro 9 and X:

(Including apple loops for Logic Pro, GarageBand, Soundtrack Pro, Jam Pack, and iLife Sound Effects)

- Total size of original apple loops: 26.79 GB (141 directories, 25640 files)

- 16 bit (wav): 55.83 GB

- 24 bit (wav): 83.69 GB

- 32 bit (wav): 111.55 GB

* Almost the same amount of disk space is required for aiff audio format.

* The exact amount of disk space depends on the installed apple loops information on your Mac.


- If you don't have properly installed Apple Loops of Logic Pro 9 or X, the Easy CAF Converter for Logic Pro does not work. 

- The Easy CAF Converter for Logic Pro can convert only apple loops in audio format (i.e., caf files), that is, apple loops in midi format cannot be converted using the Apple Loops Converter.


If you have any comments for Apple Loops Converter, please send your comment to me via e-mail.

Email address: audiohelperproject@gmail.com

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3. Your Logic Pro version: 9 or X?

4. App crash log (as an attachment file)


Release Notes


- Minor bug fixes

- 'Skip all errors' option is removed

- Optimized performance


- Supports to select apple loop directories to convert
- Improved performance during app launch


- Improved performance


- Fixed a conversion error for apple loops at Soundtrack Pro directories.

- Added a [Skip all errors] option

(When checked, the Easy CAF Converter for Logic Pro doesn't ask the user to re-try conversion. Instead, it continues to convert the next apple loop file)


- Fixed a critical app crash when launching the app

- Fixed an app crash when the app tries to send messages to Notification Center on Mac OS X 10.7.x


- Improved UI 

- Fixed bugs when re-scanning Apple Loops directories 

- Added a new Bit depth option: 32 Bit Depth 

- When the user has canceled the conversion, the Easy CAF Converter for Logic Pro sends a message to the Notification Center on Mac OS X.


- The first version of "Easy CAF Converter for Logic Pro" released.